Jan 14, 2000
some of you might remember me, i used to have a 97' RM and then i sold it to get my ninja....well i want to get back off-road again, and i WANT a KDX, and i think the 220 is the one for me. I will just be on trails, mostly sand down here in Florida, and i will be taking it up to NC next month(very tight trails). well the bike is a 1998 KDX-220, $2600 with all accesories(FMF pipe/silencer, race tech gold valves, and renthal bars), $2200 minus those parts, but it still has boyseen reeds, re-valved rear suspension, completely re-built motor, great shape with minor scarches, new chain/sprocket, & new tires.

do you think its worth $2200? i'm kind of leary about the engine rebuild, the owner said he did it just because the engine was making a ticking noise. also he has ran 3 pistons with no bore, 1 OE, 1 wiseco, then back to the OE. only thing it needs is a kickstand, does anyone have one? Is there anyone around the Daytona, FL area who could come look at the bike with me? im not to sure about what to check on these KDX's and would rather have a pro look at it cause i got screwed on my last bike!


Oct 4, 1999
Jeremy try to get on the florida trail riders web site
www.floridatrailriders.org somebody in this dirtbike club maybe able to help you out. I live in lakeland florida and race a 1999 kdx 220 and love it the F.T.R has a hare scrambles and enduro & motocross series that is run all over the state and in a few other states .Its a great club . Get on the forum section and post a note you can even join the club from the web site.Oh yeah the bike sounds like a good deal. i love mine its very competive.good luck JAY ALLEN F.T.R srb-123


Jun 4, 2001
Hey - I just bought a 97 KDX220, not so many mods for $2000. Yours sounds like a good deal. I live in the Daytona area, belong to FTR and the local club that runs the Alligator. I really can't help with your current questions - I had the same - I just tried to look the seller in the eye as he was talking. I'm looking for someone to ride with. Don't like riding alone - want to get my 220 sorted out before scramble season starts. E-mail if interested. Bob@bomar.com


Aug 6, 2000
Florida guy's,
I was wondering how you guys prep\protect your bike's for the salt and
sand.I know that must be bad on the bike's.
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