Nov 28, 2006
Hey guys,

I'm new to the sport and I don't have any experience at all with taking apart my bike and maintaining it. Recently it started acting up and a friend told me it sounds like the carb is clogged. I dont know anything about doing this, so I want to have a professional do it. And I dont have a truck or trailer or anything that can carry my bike. So, I was thinking of taking the carb off and taking it into the Yamaha guys to have them clean it.

Now, how do I take it off and put it back on? Is that easy? Or if I'm doing all this work anyways, should I just figure out a way to bring the whole bike in.

I dont know anything about the carb. I dont want to screw it up.


Dec 5, 2007
its not difficult id just take it apart spray some carb cleaner through the passages let id dry a bit put it back on and start her up get a manual itll be invaluable to you - youll pay a ton of money for repairs if you dont teach yourself - the main key is maintenance if you take good care and know your bike inside and out youll be fine good luck


Jun 5, 2001
If you plan on taking it off, make sure you have your manual ready and take some of your own pictures, it may help. Be careful with that carb, there's alot of stuff on and around it. It'll probably save you some money if you take it off but not sure how much. If the place that's doing it doesn't mind, see if you can watch the process of the cleaning, it's not real tough but you just have to be careful. Good luck

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