Sep 4, 1999
Help!!!! I think I'm a somewhat intelligent guy but I'm totally confused about FMF pipes as they relate to the KDX 220. Could someone please tell me what pipe is the rev pipe and what pipe is the torque pipe for the 220 (i.e. KG-30 vs. KG-35). Also, is there a significant loss of low end power with the rev pipe? What about Pro Circuit pipes? How do they perform on the 220? I'm interested in a pipe that will improve the entire powerband slightly. However, I don't want a huge powerband hit. I like the smooth powerband that the stock components provide - I just want to improve it a bit. I know this has been discussed somewhat before but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Fred T

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Mar 23, 2001
FMF pipes:

Hi, I understand your confusion after going through the same a few weeks ago. Here is what I can tell you, the KG 30 is the rev pipe. When looking for a pipe on the web the Gnarly Woods is the torque pipe and the Gnarly Desert is the rev pipe. IMHO the Rev is THE pipe for the KDX 220, and I am thrilled with mine. I was amazed at how much it helped my bike. I live in Michigan and ride all woods single track technical trails where we run 2nd and 3rd gear often. The rev pipe lost no low end performance at all, maybe even helped it a little but when you need some RPMS the bike is much better than with a stock pipe. I never bothered adding a silencer, I use my stock one because it's quiet and had a spark arrestor on it. The bike revs out farther and quicker and reall pulls much harder than with the stock pipe. It will get you from point A to B quciker and makes the front tire a little lighter for whaling through the rough stuff and whoops when needed. It's much more fun to ride the bike and the proclaimed"hit" is nothing to worry about. I had concerns that the "Hit" would do wild things to me in the woods but it's real easy to handle and should have run like this in the first place. Trust me, get the Rev pipe it's what the bike needs.


Oct 14, 1999
Gee. You think YOU'RE confused??

Go to the FMF website, and you'll see (they say) that the rev pipe is for up to 125cc bikes ONLY!!

..and the 'gnarly' is listed in both 'desert' and 'woods' models.

So, it's summore of the gnarly, woods, desert, fatty, rev misnomers.

Yep..the -30 is the rev, the -35 is the torque. I've seen catalogs that listed the -30 as a 'torque' for the 220...and the exact same model# is the 'rev' for the 200.

More misinformation running amuck it seems.

STILL...the -30 is the rev, the -35 is the torque. Period. Most 220 owners (who's comments I've read anyway) say that the 220, having a good dose of torque already, doesn't really NEED the -35. That the 220, having a smaller carb than the 200, CAN use all the top end it can get.

So more 220 people run the rev than the torque.

But not all! (got a headache yet?)

Make your life easier. Buy one of each! Change 'em when it suits you. I run one (rev) in the summer and one (torque) in the winter. Different riding conditions/areas.

Something to keep in mind. While the rev pipe generally is considered to lose NO bottom end compared to the stock pipe. It DOES lose bottom end compared to the torque pipe, though.

I ran my KG-30 just this weekend for the first time this season. It's a blast!


Apr 1, 2001
I put a torque pipe on my 220. I ran it for a day with the stock one after I bought the bike, and actually was impressed with the power at all ranges with it. I was used to a Husaberg FE501, so that's saying a lot for the 220.
With the torque pipe though, I noticed a significant increase in low-end power.

I just finished a 60 mile ride through tight, technical and greasy trails, and was able to chug happily along in third gear most of the time. Everyone else had thumpers, KTM 400, DRZ400, XR 400, and I pretty much stayed with them. The only problem I had was with the stock rear tire and the rear brake lever position, which slowed me considerably, but that's on another thread.

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