Mar 31, 2000
I realize that I'm still new to the bike and the bike is new to me along with dialing in the suspension for my needs. But the first thing I noticed when riding my new KX500 is the rock solid cornering that I can only acheive while sitting down. I used to be able to out corner alot of 250 mx's in a turn on my KDX sitting or standing. I've ridden alot of 250's and had no problem cornering standing or sitting as well. I notice the 500 is kind of awkward while standing. I also realize the bike is heavier up front but I have seen guy's on 500's corner at blazing speeds while standing. what's the catch ????


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
I would imagine.................

you may be feeling the Inertia of the flywheel which they also call the "gyro" effect of a big bore. this makes cornering unique and different then most all smaller machines. Depending on the type of terrain you are riding, sometimes sitting through or into a corner can be much faster. coming from a smaller bike there will be many differences that you will have to adjust to in riding the big bike. give it time, many riders give up way to soon to find out how fast and good a open class machine will work.


Apr 1, 2001
You're trying to get a lot more horsepower to hook up through that rear wheel. Sitting through a corner allows you to weight the rear more. (IMO)
I even sit sometimes when I'm hillclimbing if the bike is searching for traction.

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