CR/MT Trans swap?

Oct 8, 2000
One of my '73 CR250s needs two trans gears that are no longer available. I know that in that day, some guys swapped MT transmissions into their CRs, but I don't know anyone who personally did it. I assume the swap was to get a wider ratio trans, but I was curious as to how drastic the difference was? I ask because I have an MT parts bike...
Thanks in advance!

'96 CR250R, two '73 CR250M Elsinores
Apr 23, 2000
I don't have any experience with these, but maybe this will help. If the gears are the same dimensions(shaft size and engagement dogs), the ratios would be easy to calculate. Divide the number of teeth on the big gear by the teeth on the small gear for the ratio, much like you would do for sprocket sizes. Hope this helps.