Oct 24, 2007
Has anyone ever ridden a big bore Cr 125 and a stock Cr250 back to back.
I have an option to purchase either a Cr125 or 250 at a reasonable price. I presently own a Cr125/04 model and like the reliability.
However the 04 is not a good choice for a big bore kit.
I will either get a new 125 and have it bored or a stock 250.
Sooo can anyone give a saddle time comparison.



Oct 2, 2002
I've got both, a bored over 1990 Honda CR125, .080", courtesy of Eric Gorr and a 2001 CR250 with very little mods. The 125 has enough power to scare you but not kill or maim like the 250. The 250 hands down is a brute, power wise, but the 125 holds it's own. It may not be as fast in the straights but makes up for it with being lighter and more maneuverable. I've been able to keep up with guys on the big bikes with it and I weigh about 200 fully geared. Oh, BTW I've updated the suspension to make it more modern too. So even though the technology is almost 20 years old it is still a fun bike to ride.
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