Crazed and Confused.....250's or 400-426's


May 15, 2001
I'm 6'6" and 250 lbs and looking to get back into trail riding (tight woods, powerlines and some moderate air now and then). I was 16 when I was last into riding seriously (now 33). I was a proficient/crazy rider then and feel as though I can (for the most part) pick up where I left off. Without question I want a 4-stroke '00-01,and it is b/w the XR's (250-400) and the WR's (250-426), but what I don't know is the best one to suit my style and weight. I have always been a "tweener", like the lazy laid back trail riding half the time but still like to be as agressive as possible (throwing the bike around and catching some air) the rest of the time. I'm worried that the 250's wont be able to handle my weight.
So, with all of your infinite wisdom and expertise could you guys and gals give me some opinions on this subject?


Apr 29, 2001
Like you I got back into dirt bikes as an adult. I had a KX80 & ATC90 along with various go-carts as a kid, but when I was 25 I decided to get a bike after riding with a co-worker who loaned me a bike for a few rides...I was hooked. He suggested a KLX300 (this was in 97) for me, since it'd been about 10-15 years since I'd thrown a leg over a dirt bike. This co-worker had been riding his entire life so I trusted his advice.

I was happy with the bike, but at 6'2" and 210#'s and four years later I realize that I need a bigger bike. The KLX sits a bit lower than other 'non-foo foo' bikes, not to mention I'd like more power now that my riding skill has (I think) increased through out the years. I'm not in a position to get another bike, so the KLX it is, I'll make the best of it.

I guess if I were you, and judging from your larger than average size, I'd go big. At least a 400, mabey check out KTM's 520. The XR600 is a tank of a bike, but has a loyal following and I've seen people use it in tight stuff, but to me it's too much weight.

I think you'd be disappointed with a 250 thumper's power. Although you'll be able to throw it around in the tight stuff, it'd disappoint on a fire road...just my 2 cents


Feb 16, 2001
I am 6'8" tall and weigh 200 lbs.
I have an 01 wr426.
I like the power and suspension but it does not flick like a 250.
I had a Husaberg 501 that would go through the trees better but it had reliability issues...
I would buy another 400, but am watching for a new lighter four stroke.
TM, or GasGas, these are looking like my next choices...
All of my buddies ride big thumpers so it kind of evens out.


Jan 9, 2001
Check out the Wr 250's. They have good power and suspension. With your height you might can even touch the ground with both feet. I dont think you can find a bike more fun to ride. As for the top speed we ran one of ours down the road beside the car at 84 mph.
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