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Jan 29, 2001
My brother and I planned on going to Riverview because it was close and they will be closing soon. Wanted to get one last trip out there. I started loading my bike up at 11AM. Things started off a little shaky right from the get go. I put the ramp on the back of the truck to load the bike, used tie-downs to secure it but never tightened them up. I ran up the ramp and slammed the bike into place the ramp slipped off the back. I just made it in time. "Ok, so I'm a little out of sync today" I start thinking. I manage to get all the gear into the truck and start off to pick up my brother. On the way I stop at my favorite Gas Station. It took 20 minutes because the first two pumps I chose were dis-functional and no sign was put up yet. Ok, here is sign number 2 that today is going to be a bit off the mark. I finally get the truck filled up. I end up at my brother house, on time amazingly at about 12:30. I plan in advance for these little inconveniences. My brother still has some work to do on his bike. At 17, he does not plan in advance for anything. That's fine though, He'll learn, hee heeee. Well, he needs help at this point putting on his new Acerbis front disk guard that uses a universal mount kit. I wish Universal was accurate. It was missing two necessary screws. No big deal, hold off on that for another day. (That's while he'll learn to plan on things in advance). A little more wrenching on his ride and we load up his bike and gear. So, last thing to go in the truck is my 6 Million Piece Craftsman socket set. The minute I set it down, cablam, it opens up and sockets fly everywhere. I know others have done this, so you know how much fun it is to play chase the sockets. They were all over in the bed. That was sign number 3 for an off kilter day, and I should have listened. So, an hour later, I am at the track. We get our gear on and three laps into it, I case a double and give myslef one heck of a blue faced tank slapper. Yikes! Off the bike whining like a baby and singing like a soprano for the next 20 minutes. OK, now back on the bike. I get in 5 good laps and things are looking up. I pull off the track and make some adjustments. It is hot and the bike is running rich. Lets lean it out a quarter turn on the air screw. Also, boy those landing were harsh, lets back off the compression two clicks on the forks. While I'm doing this, my brother tries to double the first two on the triple in the back track. Comes down hard and bang flips over. He barely cased it. With bleeding nose and bent levers, he pulls off and re-adjusts himself and the bike. I figure what the heck, lets try he new settings while he gets himself back together. At this point, I am thinking,don't try anything big with new settings. Back on the track, things feel pretty good. Two laps in, I wind it up, plant it in third and pin the the throttle. The triple is coming up and I figure, why not?? (everyones been here). I nail the face of the takeoff and for .25 seconds, things look sweet from up here, and then uh-oh, the front end drops so I start to bail. I endoed right on top of the third jump in that triple. Dazed, confused and nauseated, my brother comes over to pick up the ooozing pile of flesh, being me. It probably took five minutes to get up. Once I figure out where the heck I am, I plant myself in a chair in the shade and my borther dragged my bike off the track. My left shoulder institaneously grew to the size of a softball. My brother threw some ice on it while I called my wife and father and said I'm going to need a lift home I think. After I made the phone call, my brother went out for another 5 laps, while I layed down. Ok, head hurts, arms swollen, but at least I am laying down and the sky stopped spinning. Oh crap, now what. My back starts iching like crazy. I sat up and started itching the best I could with my right arm. My brother pulled off and came over. He said my back was covered with red ants. Nice end to an almost un-perfect day. So my father and wife arrive and home we went. I cleaned up, showered and headed off to the emergency room. Had to make one extremely important stop first. Carraba's. I had a craving for their Italian Chicken Pizza. Atleast the day was not a total loss. I did manage to go out to dinner. Total damages did not amount to much considering the days events. Torn left AC Rotator Cuff, possible concussion, bent Renthal bars and a dinged pipe. I should have listened to the signs earlier that day that things were not going my way.



Jul 29, 2000
South America
I say let's level all the jumps and do motocross like it used to be.
they're just too darn dangerous. I'm recovering from whiplash from a bad landing a month ago! damn it I should be riding, not recovering!
Someone please shoot me if I ever venture onto a motocross track again.
Trail riding is a lot more interesting than the pure-power-trip of motocross.
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