Cust tip. to lower seat hieght/ width.

scar tissue

Dec 27, 2000
I was looking to lower and narrow the seat on my XR600, and found and inexpensive solution which would work on most bikes.(all deminsions given are for and XR600, for other bikes take your own messurments.)

if you are looking to slim down the seat you can follow the method I just recently used. Get and aftermarket seat foam in stock size. take a course sandpaper flap wheel (about $2.00) and attach it to your drill (use low rpm, you don't want to melt the foam, the drill I used tops out at 750 rpm and I had it on max speed), you can remove material from the aftermarket foam to fit your needs. The mid section (on an xr 600) is 4-5 inchs thick. so have at it. additionally you can round in the edges to get a skinny feel. becareful when you make the turn to go up the tank. it gets alot thinner there. l I personlly removed most of the side material and about and inch and a half from the top, and rounded the corners in abount 2 " from stock. you can also use a belt sander but its a little more diffucult. the only hard part is streching the seat cover tight afterwards. I removed 1 inch from the top of the seat plastic (up on the very front by the tank.) so the cover would lay flat on the base . My bike now has a new slimmer feel and is 1 1/2 inches shorter, 4 inchs narrower at the top or the seat, and as wide as the plastic base at the bottom. (You can trim that too if you'd like) It only cost about $50.00 (for the foam). :cool:
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