Cactus Jim

Apr 1, 2002
Sorry if this has been discussed before, but my KX500 will soon need a new piston and replating of the cylinder (score marks I can feel with my nails). It's my understanding there are different materials being used for plating and even that some of the factories have switched material in recent years. My bike is a '98, so what does it probably have, what's available now, and most importantly, what's the best ?



Dec 22, 2002
Most of them use a similar plating process. Had mine done recently at Millenium in wisconsin. Quick turnaround, quality was impressive. They were recommended by my Yamaha dealer, some of the guys there have used them for their own bikes. US Chrome in Illinois is mentioned by lots of folks on this site as well. One thing I noticed was prices vary quite a bit from west coast (high$) to anywhere else (reasonable $).
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