Aug 23, 2001
Does anyone know how to get to the MX-Tech location in Illinois? I tried to find it yesterday and ended up driving in corn fields till long after they closed. I had directions from someone there, but they led me straight into Kankakee... I also had some I got from mapquest but they where completely different from what the guy at MX-Tech said. I will be traveling north on 55 to start the adventure again today... any help would be greatly appreciated!


Ready to bang some trees!
Jan 4, 2000
Your best bet is to call Jer, He gave directions to me and I still drove past his shop!

Its truly in the middle of nowhere!


Feb 20, 2001
hehe I wish I knew the names of the roads there... I have found an easy way to find it from Indiana. I just cleaned out my car and threw away the direction Jeremy had me follow. I do note that I got terribly lost the first time when coming home. I remember there was a slight 'S' and an inersection (stopsign) in the road near Jeremy's place and the shop is in a polebarn. I know I drove by it before I actually turned in. Sorry I can't be more helpful. If you see some parks near the river, you are getting close. I will be hading there again soon.
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