Mar 25, 2001
Dirt Week 2001 (Long)

To all of you who did not attend this years Dirt Week(a.k.a. Spodefest) you need to mark it on your calendar for next year!! Before I left I left I was picturing a bunch of trail riders and a few guys that were into the MX thing due to poll Okiewan put out on what type of riding you do most. The trail riders won that poll hands down!

After arriving and getting our base camp set up, we were all forced to stick to riding the GP track and the trails cause the MX track was a swamp due to some heavy rains on Wed. I have never rode a GP style track before and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!!! No jumps just high speed sweeping corners with uphill, downhills, and long fast straightaways. Great venue to work on your turning skills and finding out just how big your huevos are trying to keep the bike pinned down those long straights. Neat stuff.

The people that run the LTM complex do an excellent job of track preparation. We had heavy rains Thurs. night as well and by noon the MX track was groomed and holding up well. This place is as close as most of us will ever come to riding a National caliber track! Very challenging fun layout. The sections they had with these so called whoops that were 4 or 5 foot deep were insane. I guess in Illinois they see things a little different because those whoop sections were jumps here in Kansas City.

Friday and Saturday the MX track was in perfect shape all day and there was something for everyone to do at all times during the day. It was awesome seeing all the little kids having the time of their lives out on the MX track with those little bikes. I can't wait for our baby that is due in December to be old enough to enjoy this great sport of ours.

All the the trail riders were riding MX and all the MX guys were riding trails at some point during the week. It did not matter what kind of riding you were into the Okie clan made every event fun and upon arrival you had about 160+ new friends. Everyone there was as nice a person as I have ever met in my time involved with motorcycles. If your bike broke someone there was always willing to give up parts or lend a hand so you could keep on riding.

The chance to win some of the great prizes they were donated by our great sponsors of this web site was worth the trip alone. For example-2 Asterisk Knee Braces, $500 Plano Honda Gift Certificate, Generac pressure washer and generator and the list goes on and on. Really awesome experience all the way around, you all need to get there next year at any cost!!!

Thanks to Okiewan and all the administrators for your hard work in putting on this fantastic event!!! You will be receiving my Lifetime Membership money here in the near future. If future events you guys put are even half as fun as this one the $109 is a none factor as long as my money can help towards future Dirt Week's.

Thanks again guys!!

P.S. Rayovac, Popeye, and Julius Pleaser, you all better make the trip next year I look forward to banging some more bars and shooting the breeze around the camp fire with all of you!! And to the rest of the attendees, I can't remember all of the names of all the people I met but it was a pleasure to meet all of you and to put faces with with screen names and look forward to seeing all of you next year.
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Nov 25, 1999
I agree. Even if your injured:( , you will still have fun. If your bike is broken, go anyway. You will find yourself among the nicest people around.:)


Mar 25, 2001
I was a little luckier than you fared after endoing in the double double section. I thought I was going to have to miss the MX race but managed to get out there anyway. Still would have had a blast even if I did not sit on a bike all week long.

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