Sep 14, 2001
Firstly, greetings from Australia. :cool:

I have a 11/90 KDX 200F (Australian road legal model, we had 2, 1 could be registered, 1 couldn't) It has a steel tank, oil injection and is water cooled. It also has E-1 cast on the cylinder head.

Love the bike, love the forum.

But I have couple of questions for the group, firstly I want to get in to the tech tips within however it keeps telling there is no page to display. What's the problem with the site? :(

Secondly, you talk of CEL needles, pipes, RB mods, 220 pistons in 200's (we don't get the 220) and a whole lot more to improve the bike.

Lovely, except that being in a different country, with no access to the tips page I have no idea where to get these things, what some of them are or what they do. Can you please put links to web sites in your posts so us over here can check it all out or a much more detailed description in the posts.

Welcome to DRN

No trolls, no cliques, no spam & newb friendly. Do it.

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