Mar 24, 2001
What can be done to minimize the front wheel tendency to turn into a corner or uphill when it starts to slide. When I ride a side hill or a flat surface corner and the wheel slips, it turns into the hill or turn, increasing the slide. This is most prominent in sand or very dry dirt conditions on side hills.

Will a steering stabilizer help?



Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
When you say that the front wheel turns into the turn, is it when the rear wheel slides out? If so then you need to either counter steer (turn the opposite direction) or be smoother with the throttle when in the turn so the rear wheel doesn’t slide out. Keep the front wheel pointed in the direction that you want to go and look where you want to be. If you start to slide keep your head up and don’t look at the front wheel.

More weight on the front end can help too. Try sliding up on the tank or leaning forward. Also weighting the outside foot peg during the turn will help to keep it from sliding out as easily.

Good luck

Honda Rippin'

Feb 19, 2001
Powersliding, I love it. There is a bit of a trick to it, though. It took me a while to figure it out. Like RM_Guy said, get towards the front, like sliding up on the tank, or at the end of your seat. Just be sure not to wack your family jewels ;) . I try to counter steer sometimes, but I'm not completely comfortable with it yet. I try to powerslide so some of my techniques will be a bit different then yours. I stick my inside foot out and lead the bike with that foot. This seems to help. Sand might be easier to learn this, but I powerslide on hard ground, which I find tough to do because there is no give to it, you just ride along the top and the front wheel can kick out easily and throw the bike and you with it in every direction. Try this stuff out. Try it slow, then work up your speed. Get a feel for it and figure out how far to lean your bike when you turn. Good luck!

MX Madman

Oct 7, 2000
Do you mean the tire is "knifing"?If the front is cutting inside when it is pushed to hard in a turn,you should speed up the rebound on the forks.Go a few clicks at a time and test it.It can really make a differance!Go to MXTECH site for a clearer explanation.Hope this helps.


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Nov 12, 1999
are you talking about the front tire pushing or sliding out ?

if so you need to change your amount of pressure you are putting on the front end and our make sure that your suspension is set up for wieght correctly.

front end "pushing" can be hurtful if it grabs and ya do a nasty high side.

check the front tire pressure also. to high or to low of pressure can make your front wheel slip in those cases. not to mention tire compound and type of soil your riding on......sand and hard pack is very very different.
you have touched if i understand your question, on a very complex situation when it comes to front end "sticking"

to much and or to little of any of the above things i mention will cause that stuff to happen.
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