Sep 23, 2000
Hi, I was wondering if I should revalve me son's 1999 CR 80. He rides mostly hare scrambles. I was wondering if it's really worth have his suspension revalved. He is a fast rider and is very competitive. Right now, the suspsension is stock. Does it make a huge difference in his riding? If we do really need it, where should I send it? I just don't want to pay all that money if we don't really need it. Is there anything that I could do at home to help out the suspension if needed?


Aug 25, 2000
Go to www.mxtech.com and check out Jer's tuning guide. Try using the clickers first, then resort to a revalve. Often a revalve will be necessary, particularly when using an MXer for woods riding (stack valving not really designed for this application).

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