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Here's the deal. I recently bought a like new Gas gas EC 250. The bike is stock and I'm getting ready to add a few things. I'm thinking of the Scott's Clamp/Protaper combo thing(I have the damper but can sell a new one, buying the combo gets the deal cheaper) I have new Maier hand gaurds that I plan on mounting using the SRC clamp mount, I'm thinking the plastic handgaurds for EE gaurds will fit the maiers. My P3 will sit in its billet gaurd.
I have a guy that will make me a shrk fin(trading it for the Hebo bars). I plan on an Eline pipe gaurd. Flatland Radiator gaurds. A skid plate from Smackover. Also am planning on finding a rotor gaurd for the front.
Is there anything that is wrong with this idea??Anything that is not compatable?? Better Ideas??


Price it this way and keep your damper: Hebo "Varibars" (like Protapers, but only $66), GGNA bar clamp kit for stock clamp, Scotts Damper mount/upper bar clamp, Scotts tower. I did it this way and it was cheaper. You can also get GGNA tapered bar handguard mounts with slots machined for brake and clutch hose clearance. All these parts are nicely machined, and reasonably priced from Smackover Motorsports. Everything else sounds good. Good luck and enjoy the bike.


I ordered the exact same parts for my XC200 . I chose the scott's combo, too. I wanted the adjustable bar clamps and the gas gas triple clamp will look cool on my desk at work!

I looked at the SRC guards and mounts but I didn't think they would work with the stock triple clamp due to the bolts entering from behind, another reason for going with the scotts combo.


Scotts fit or not

Did I get some bad info? I was just told by a dealer yesterday that my Scotts won't fit on a '01 GG! Have to go buy a WER (that's OK got 2) as there is not room between the tank and the steering head for the post.

Is it only a non-fit on the '01s or just bad dope?

The GGNA bar kit, does it raise the mounting point 3/4" like the Answer adapter? If so then are the Varibars a low bend so the combined height is approximately equal to what standard bend?


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Scott's fits on my 00 XC with WP forks so it should fit on yours - give Scotts a call to be truly sure.


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That is completely false!! Scotts will fit just fine. The only disadvatage that I see with the Scotts is the fram mount covers the gas tank mount bolt. So you must remove the frame mount to take off the tank. But how many times do you do that????


The Scotts will work fine on the '01 GG. You just have to loosen and swing the tower to the side to access the tank bolt. You have to replace the top dust cap with the bevel washer and o-ring from a '98 GasGas to mount the tower.

I had dirttricks make me a tower (first one). Although very strong, it fit poorly and required significant modification to use. Also, the non-floating pin design ruined my damper seals from excessive side load in 2 rides. THE PIN MUST FLOAT!! After rebuilding the damper I went back to a Scotts tower with setscrews added to prevent slipping. Maybe the production ones are better.

The GGNA mount kit is a complete perch, and is about 1/2" higher than stock with the same offset (0). The CR Hi bend Varibars are about the same as stock, so end up only slightly higher.