Nov 14, 2000
I just picked up a 2000 DRZ yesterday. Completely stock, except it has 2 extra teeth on rear sprocket. Do I remove the items per this months Dirt Bike mag? I think they said remove coolant overflow, remove the front sprocket cover, remove air box baffle (only if aftermarket exhaust?), remove the black overflow, carb-thingy near the shock and replace with T-section? On my quick test ride, great low end chug, but fell flat pretty quick.

I think for right now though, I'm looking for the best guidance as far as keeping the bike relatively stock, while optimizing performance and realiability and sound output. Any suggestions or comments on the DRZ would be greatly appreciated.



You will love this bike! The possibilities for modification are endless. The first thing I sould do is to remove the airbox lid and bump the main jet up. That will be the biggest boost you make to this bike. The airbox lid is rubber and just pops right off. As far as The black oil box, there are mixed reviews on that. If you want just a plethora of DRZ info, go HERE and click on the DRZ forum. You could spend a few days in there reading all the different mods to make and the pros and cons of each. If you have any specific questions you can Email me. Hope this helps.:)


May 1, 2001
I guess it all depends on how you ride and what you ride. I am real happy with my stock 01 kicker. the only mod I have done to my bike is replace the 14t countershaft sprocket with a 13t, this lets the bike rev quicker. Basicily the same grearing as going 3 teeth larger in the rear. And I added barkbusters.

suspension setting will have to be played with ti get them dialed in. I weight in at 180 with gear. I run the forks at 3 clicks out on compression and stock on rebound. The shock is 5 clicks out and rebound is set at stock.

I ride mostly tight whooped sandy out single tracks.

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