Jul 26, 2000
Went to the MX races yesterday with a friend of mine who is interested in starting racing. He wants me to race with him. I have not raced since I sold my RM 250 back in college but it would be fun to get out and ride the track again Not going for points or anything. My Question is, I have a 2001 DRZ400E, can I MX this with a few minor mods? Keep in mind I am not going crazy but a couple of doubles are definately going to get jumped. I love this bike in the woods and I don't want to buy another MX bike( wife would shoot me). I have seen a DRZ with a cracked front down tube from too much jumping but I know this guy was really going crazy. So please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and any suspension suggestions would be nice as well? Thanks guys! ;) :scream: :scream:


Aug 6, 2000
I say go for it.The only draw back of the DRZ for motorcross is the weight.
They are good bikes.I rode one and was very impressed.Put a pipe on it and
some good suspension and you are ready to race!
Good luck,
2000 CR125r


I say go for it, too! I raced mine, albeit very slowly (rider speed, not bike speed!). Firemedic530 races his as do several others on the board. I had a yosh pipe and had my suspension done. Other than that, it was all cosmetic changes I made. Click on "My Member Page" below to see it.:)


May 17, 2000
Have Raced mine in 35+ class and Enduro class at our local MotoX Tracks
30-40 ft doubles no problem, just make sure you land on downside
of jumps with the gas on, I have the stock suspension but clickers are dialed
just about all the way in, and I do run more fork oil, I also run with a complete
stroker exhaust system, I usually pull the holeshot and uphills, but our tracks
have alot of tight sandy corners and alot of jumps, The weight of the bike
does start getting to you near the end of the Motos, compared to my 1990
yz250 but I ride for fun and the bike is a blast, yes I have taken 1st with it
but I lost 15lbs that day perspiring.
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