Dunes trip in September????


sorry if I'm being redundant, but where is everyone with this? We are definately going in September, and are wondering if anyone else can go, or if a date has been set that I missed?
So far, we are free all weekends except Labor Day to go.
We like to plan a bit ahead, since we have a school age child.
Anyway, let me know if anything has been set....
Sharla, do you really think you'll be going? We will be bringing our quad as well, so if you're not up to riding a bike, you can take a spin on the 'couch'!!!


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Hopefully . . . I know Steve wants to go. The 7-8 my mom will be here and the 14-15 is a race, maybe after that?
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It's official....

we are going the weekend of the 15-16september. Mark is actually going down on the 10th with some friends, and I'll be there for either Thur or Fri through Sunday. It would be nice if anyone from here could make it!
Sharla, how important is the race that weekend? Were you planning on racing it for sure?
I'll also post this in the organized rides forum to see if we can get more people.
We will be camping at Spinreel Campground, the website is www.spinreel.com
there is lots of info with motel, camping, maps etc on the site.
I hope that some of you can make it!