Engine Sprocket


I have noticed that the engine sprocket is a little bit loose and that there is about a quarter inch movement when you rock it from side to side. Is this normal? The allen keys are fully tight and the guides are fully in place. I would appreciate your comments.


1/4"??!! Maybe with a 47T on the front! ;)

Lesser quality sprockets wear more in that fashion. For all the griping I've heard at renthal (mostly in regard to $$), they get wonky that way a whole lot less than any of several other brands I've used.


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Renthal is made in England and a whole lot cheaper than in the states. In England they make the most sense to purchase be anything they make. I bought 5pr of h-bars since they were 30 dollars each instead of the 70 in the states.


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I'll add those to my list when I'm in the U.K.