91 Kdx 250 Coolant From Overflow Hose


Dec 10, 2006
Sorry if this is a repeat, but I've not found anyone with my exact problem. My 1991 KDX 250 has started dripping coolant from the overflow tube. The bike runs fine, with no excessive smoke, so I don't think it's the head gasket. ? However, the coolant does bubble in the radiator from the moment I get it started. Could this apparent bubbling be from the normal movement of the coolant in a vibrating motorcycle? I checked to see about the gear oil, and it appears fine, but seems to have a blue line at the top of it, which matches my Engine Ice coolant (I'm hoping this isn't just an illusion through my sight glass). Otherwise, it is clear and clean looking, not milky...I'm thinking maybe water would give milky look but maybe Engine Ice doesn't. ? This could be unrelated, but I can see bubbling in the gear oil through the sight glass when the bike is idling. Surely this couldn't just be from the vibrating of the engine. ? The impeller looks to be in good shape, but that's as far as I've gone behind that cover.

Most of the bad water pump seal threads I've seen tend to show up as milky gear oil. My problem is the apparent overheating after riding for a while. I notice the dripping when it is idling, letting it run the bowl out of gas with the fuel off when I'm about to put it away.

Your expertise and thoughts are appreciated. I appreciate anyone's patience who may try to help. I'm sure you get tired of the monotonous threads relating to the same thing.

Thanks in advance!

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