Farmers Almanac says were in for it


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Dec 30, 2000
Sandbar, NY
Just heard the new Farmers Almanac says were really in for a nasty winter up here in the Northeast. They could be wrong-last year they predicted a "mild" winter! Gotta get that riding in now!


Seems to be a trade-off.

Last year at this time, the temp was 15-25 degrees hotter than we are seeing now in the mid-west. Last year I was still mowing my lawn until the second weekend in November! One weekend later, everything is covered in a sheet of ice and it didn't melt until March (or so it seemed). Then we have had a very wet year, with some record setting months. June was the wettest month on record here. We are already 15" over what our total yearly rainfall should be. Seems like you can't have everything. Either hot and dry or cool and wet. Guess we could move to San Diego! No, wait. That's in Kalifornia.:eek:


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Oct 4, 1999
New Mexico
Won't happen. Dave and I put money down on new skis for this year, therefore, it won't snow!

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