Float ain't floatin'


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Nov 22, 2000
I finally got Fugly to fire and run(!!!!), but gas started pouring out of the float bowl almost immediately. The local Honda place says no carb parts are available. Can I retrofit a float from another Honda mini?

Oh yeah, Fugly is a 1971 QA50.

I can't believe I actually got the thing to run. It's been parked since the late eighties, but all I had to do was trace a wiring prob, change the oil, file the points, clean the gas tank, and clean the carb. All the internal carb bits looked really good after I cleaned them. It's amazing that this puppy runs so well after being parked for so long.

Any ideas on the float? Could it just need the level set?


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Mar 11, 2000
I would start sending some e-mails out to some shops, or making some phone calls. I have been surprised in the past at how much "old stock" can still be found. Search out old dealerships. If not, how about a newer carb.? I'm sure thier available through salvage places.


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May 5, 2000
The float level might need to be set, but most likely, you'll need a new needle and seat.


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
The needle looked really good. Ditto the seat. It even tried to idle. The only real problem is the gas pouring out of the overflow tube.

I'll check for a replacement carb at some of the salvage places.
Jan 2, 2000
Julius, I was able to find all the 50 parts I needed at this site:
Another helpful site is:

On a side note my '69 z50 overflowed at the carb when I first picked it up and nothing I did would stop it. Finally I realized that the gas line was stuck on the drain and that the input had been snapped off flush with the carb. I JB welded a new input on it and it has worked ever since. I had actually removed and incorrectly replaced that line several times without realizing my error. In my defense there was nothing else obvious to connect the line to and it did come that way...

Live and learn!


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Dec 8, 1999
Brass Float correct? I used to have an old monkeybike myself. I ended up soldering the whole float (by careful since they are usually full of gas) back togethor. It takes some work, but when you can't find parts... Try to use as little solder as possible while still sealing, so that your float doesn't sink on its own
Good luck.


Mar 23, 2001
Ye old JB weld... good fer what ails ya! Brass float? Dump all the gas out of the float, clean affected area with alcohol and apply JB weld sparingly. I used this method on an XL 100 and it worked like a charm.