Flywheel, making it lighter possible on a KTM 380?

Ivan K

May 23, 2001
hi friends !

(sorry for my bad english)

several times in this or other forums i have heard about removing "something" from the flywheel (don´t know exactly what to remove, think any bolts or something like that !?)

1. question: is my flywheel (EGS 380) different to the flywheel from a SX 380 or MXC 380 for example ?

2. what happens IF it´s possible to modificate something on my flywheel ? --> in my cause making it lighter? is the only result that my bike wil pick up revs much better then ? (that would be NICE :-)))

3. if it´s possible to make it lighter, what has to be done ? is this an easy job or something for a specialist ?

thanks for any answers !!



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Nov 14, 2000
E-mail Kali she had her flywheel shaved on her Super TTR. Ask her the company she used to have her's done and the procedure to take it out.
It's possible but you will lose over rev's.


Jun 17, 2000
I think it was the `97 models that had the weights that could be removed by drilling out the rivets. People were drilling all the way thru them into the centercases and then calling KTM when their centercases were scrap. The other years can be modified also , they just were not intended to be by the factory.

I turned several ounces off the flywheel of my `98 300MXC. If you have a flywheel puller and a friend with a lathe you are good to go. Take the time to really get the flywheel indicated true in the lathe before turning off any material , it will help keep the modification from adding any vibration to your motor.
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