Flywheel problems, need help!


Apr 19, 2000
I Own a KTM 250 Exc -98 (with the SEM ignition). I recently discovered a leak of oil coming from my ignition cover. I opened it up and found a considerable amount of oil there.

This raises a few questions;

How could that much oil leak in? I had pretty much the same problem on my previous bike (husaberg), buth with much less oil involved. The oil pressure must have been huge how can that be?

And, how do i get the nut holding the flywheel off? I kept trying for an hour, is there some special trick that i dont know of? I need help or i´ll go crazy!!!!

Thanks, SWEDE


Jan 5, 2001
Air impact tool or flywheel holder and socket wrench to get the nut off, replace the main seal behind the stator to fix oil problem. Check for up and down movement on the crankshaft to make sure that the main bearing is OK.

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