Jul 15, 2007
I just put a Pivot Works Fork seals and bushing kit in my sons 99 YZ 125. I sent him to the local Honda dealer for fork oil.I don't have a manual yet,so my son asked the guy at Honda what weight he should buy. Well the guy told him he didn't know, but told him there was 5,10,15,20,& 30 wt. He told him to pick one and it should be fine. He came home with 2 pints of PJ1 Fork Tuner 15wt fork oil. He picked that wt. because the other wts. on the shelve were full and 15wt was almost empty. As far aas his driving habits its mainly in field and trails with a few jumps for now and slowly learning. He is 15yrs old and 5'9" and around 200#. Is that the right weight to have in the forks???
Thanks in advance


Jun 28, 2007
I think the manual will state 5wt or 10wt, i run 2.5wt the higher the weight the thicker the oil which will firm the dampening, assuming thinner oils create less resistance than thicker oils think how hard it is to squeze cold honey from those squezer packs than hot/ room temp honey
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