Mar 31, 2000
I have a KDX 200 with an USD fork and the following problem:

The handlebar is always a little to the right. I rearranged the fork so that everything is straight again but after some days of riding it is back to “handlebar to the right” position. I rearranged the fork already three or four times but it is always the same problem again after some days.

From outside the fork looks straight and I could not find any problems. I’m not sure but I think the fork goes in the right direction after breaking heavy for several times.

It looks like the bike had an accident before I bought it. There are some hammer marks on the right side of the top triple clamp.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Are your forks bent or is your triple clamp bent, or both? Are the only questions. Except your front axle could be worth a check too. Use a ruler or a mirror & roll it across it, if it wiggles like a snake -biff it. How straight is glass? Usually but check it if uncertain.
Never had to check USDs before & I doubt the uppers bend but this is an easy check.
Jack the front end off the ground & remove the wheel. Put the axle back in. Loosen the triple clamp bolts & try to spin the fork tubes. If the uppers are bent the fork lowers will move from left to right on the axle & be hard to turn. You can remove the legs totally & roll then against each other & look for gaps as you turn. Disassembly may be necessary to check the lowers.
To check the Triple clamp measure the gap between the forklegs is even & that mirror or glass laid across the legs should expose if they have twisted which is most common as the wheel acts as a big lever. They can be straightened with the right equipment or a bit of skill in gently applied violence with long levers.

Check all your bolts before riding again.


Dec 12, 2000
kdx 220

my 2001 kdx 220 is like that. The forks and triple clamp are right on the money but the handlebars seem to be angled to the right a bit. My friend has the exact same bike wit the exact same problem. I wonder if it's just the crappy Kawasaki handlebars?


Jun 18, 2001
I crashed the other day and my handlebars are way to the right now. It looks like the right handlebar clamp just slipped in the rubber mount a little bit though. I haven't tried removing the clamp yet and putting it back in straight.


Sep 12, 2000
I would throw new rubber insert's on your bar mount's.These get twisted and bent out of shape very easily.Alot of times after you fall it looks like your bars are bent,but the rubber inserts get all twisted and out of shape making it look like your bars are off. Get a good after market set they are stiffer and stronger.My kx has the rubber inserts,i am not sure if the kdx's come with them,but if they do i would say that is your problem.
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Mar 31, 2000
I got tired of staring at the front end and handlebars from different angles for what seemed likes hours. My solution was Fastaway aluminum cones, one piece top clamp, Tag aluminum bars. Now it is almost indestructable and straight as an arrow. The rubber cones are nice for vibration dampening and keep bars from bending during light crashes, but the straight solid feel is much better. If it is in fact bent, than someone must have really got some serious air or crashed hard - or both ! I'vr crashed mine pretty hard on the front end a few times and haven't tweaked them yet ( knock on wood )


Dec 26, 2000
All of your problems can be solved quite simply. I do not believe that your

problems are caused by forks slipping in the triple clamps, though the torque

should be checked with a torque wrech. i too, have this same problem you all

described. the problem is most likely dealing with the single post rubber

mount handlebars is that the can pivot as a unit. the simplest cheapest fixfor

this universal problem is to buy a One Piece Handlebar Top Clamp. these

clamps help stiffen rubber bar mounts improving control and greatly reduces

the chances of twisting your handlebars in the clamp. Fredette Racing

Products makes a very good product which can be seen at FRP@JUSTKDX

the clamp is inexpensive at $30 compared to other fixes and is very good

quality. It is a must for every KDX'er, i have yet to got me one though! Jeff

Freddette, the kdx legend, sells them. Visit the site, it is a storehouse of info,

you'll even get 10% off on the clamp


Master of None
Jul 31, 2000
is it possible your bars are just bent?
the USD forks on my '93 never slip in the triple clamps, everything stays aligned properly. Maybe one of your clamp bolts is stripping out and causing it to come loose.

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