Mar 31, 2000
Well my quest for the perfect hot/humid weather jetting was cut off short after bashing my left side radiator to a piece of aluminum scrap....Was climbing some really gnarly 1st and 2nd gear hills in the pine forests of Templeton. My last climb I found myself sitting on the tank trying to tame the mad torque and front wheel lift about 20 ft from the top of the hill. The bike lifted my 195lb body like it was nothing and stood straight up on the rear wheel, I held the bike the whole time until it hit the ground on it's side ( trying to soften the blow) I did a quick damage check, jumped back on and went on to the sand pits. I didn't notice the radiator until I got home because the rad shroud was barely even scratched ! I'm still amazed how cool the bike ran with a flattened radiator for 2 more hours in WOT conditions. I'm sure a new one is gonna really hit my wallet. So getting back to the jetting, running 42 pilot, needle in #2 slot, and a 142 main and this thing is still dropping spooge like a sinking oil tanker......The low end is ok , a little rich as it's always been. I'll try a # 40 as soon as it comes in ( on back order) the needle is dead on, midrange hits like a ton of bricks and my top end is sluggish and doesn't pull like it used to, I find that keeping the throttle at about 3/4 throttle produces the most power. Where as before my jetting problem the bike would produce more power at tru WOT. What's going on here ? I'm starting to believe that this bike just doesnt want to run clean in hot and humid weather. I can't seem to get an accurate plug reading because the bike just cuts and sputters at WOT. HELP ! anybody experiencing this dilema?

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Dude just a thought, but you say that you have changed your jetting & spooge is still dripping, I mean if you have filled it up it won’t burn out. Also enough goop in the pipe & muffler is going to cause problems restricting it as well. Check the pipe & repack the muffler (assuming you have a repackable muffler or burn it out).
What I’m saying is eliminate the other options which may be affecting what you believe is the problem including plug & filter. specially the filter.

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