Oct 29, 2000
I was riding my 1993 ktm 300 this last weekend, when suddenly the bike lost rpm and the engine died. I tried to restart, but the kickstarter wouldn't move. Figured it was a seized engine, I shifted the bike into a high gear and pulled the bike backwards, and the engine turned over. Out of curiostiy, I tried pushing the kickstarter down slowly, and it was no longer stuck. Out of fear I decided to push my bike back to the truck instead of trying to start it.

My question is, would it be safe to start a bike after it has seized once? Now that it has unfroze the bike still has good compression, and the spark plug looks great. In fact I can't figure out why the engine would lock up like that. Gas mixed at 40:1, using Amsoils new 2000 series oil, and it didn't overheat.

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