Sep 3, 2001
It's going to take A LOT to prevent me from attending this year's spode fest.

However, I am concerned about gas prices. I'm estimating that I'll use about 100 gallons of fuel in my truck (let alone race fuel for the bike), and things aren't looking good for gas prices! Certainly there are spodes out there traveling from much farther away with motorhomes, etc. in a much worse gas usage situation than myself.

There are already stations in Iowa jacking prices to $4-$5 per gallon! This morning, it was $1.59!

A local gas station owner went on the news saying it was B.S., people shouldn't panic, since (or unless) the fuel isn't going to cost him significantly more than normal, he won't increase prices. I am seeing many stations just taking advantage of our country during a time of severe tragedy and it disgusts me.

Even right now (into the evening), cars are lined up around the block to fill up with gas.


Mar 12, 2001
Same here in Ohio. I went to the local BP to get some beer, and you would think it was armageddon. TONS of people waiting to get gas, people honking horns, etc. Makes me sick how people change when they panic.


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Jul 31, 2000
what makes me sick is when people take advantage of a situation for some price hikes, last night there were gas stations charging $5 a gallon for gas with lines stretching a quarter mile down the road. I waited until this morning to get my gas, pulled right into the pump and filled up at $1.75. I've made a decision not to support the businesses who hiked the prices way up even after they drop the prices back down.


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Dec 26, 1999
The scum that gouge the public at time like this are no better than those that were celebrating in the middle east. Fair markup on a product is "business" but some of the gas prices I've seen here are down right WRONG. Don't support these scum now or in the future, let them make their quick buck, then fold because of their greed.


Apr 3, 2001
Phone #s

tell me about any station that has raised the price of fuel over this and I know who to call...I bet you a full tank of gas it will be down by the end of he day....and they wil be fined.

25 gal max.

Its a suckers bet


Mar 9, 2001
I have no time for these Price Gouger's - I had some local gas stations pump up there price 35 cents overnight for absolutly no reason. I will not purchase gas from these stations again even when they do lower their prices.

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Nov 9, 1999
I've made a decision not to support the businesses who hiked the prices way up even after they drop the prices back down.

Thats the way to handle it. These scumbag gougers should be run out of business. I'm not sure what to do about the STUPID people that just HAD to jump into the lines when there was no reason for it. There was absolutely no reason for the lines or the inflated prices except peoples ignorance and fears.

Everything is back to normal around here but this morning I passed several stations that had bags over their pumps because they pumped their tanks dry yesterday.
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Farmer John

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Mar 8, 2000
Originally posted by Senior KX Rider
this morning I passed several stations that had babs over their pumps because they pumped their tanks dry yesterday.

Their pumps went dry so they hung Barbara Striesand on the pumps...:p


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N. Texas SP
Nov 25, 1999
New Phrase!

A local radio station coined the phrase, "Gas-holes". They are broadcasting the locations of stores the "raped' consumers yesterday and inviting the owners to defend themselves on the air. Yeah, right. So far, no station owner has called. The boycott of these businesses has begun and will continue for quite some time. So drive on to the next station and pass up the Gas-holes.


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Mar 16, 2001
Charlestown, IN
Some of the price gouging stations here have decided they would refund their customers for any inflated prices they paid, just bring in their receipt.

These stations are getting quite a bit more than they bargained for, as local radio stations are advising folks to get their refund and then never ever buy from those gas stations again. The radio stations are advising people to actually boycott and run them out of business.

I've only seen one fella take advantage of the offer to explain his move. He said he was led to believe from the oil companies that he would not be recieving any more gas. Typical....rape someone and then point the blame at someone else.
Funny how a nation in turmoil brings folks together as well as weeds out who the loosers are. People who take advantage of others during times of duress are complete scumbags, and public ridicule is the best medicine for them.

AJ Waggoner

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Nov 5, 1999
Govenor of Illinois announced they will indeed prosecute any "gougers"
the price dropped back to normal overnight.
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