Dec 6, 2000
Man! What an awesome day! The track looked insane, talk about "downhills".

Brown and Langston were absolutely flying during both 125 motos. In moto 1, Travis put on a hard charge for Brown and was reeling him in for second, but faded with only a few laps to go. Brown was definitely catching Langston as well. Too little too late.

Travis' mom looked so nervous during his charge. She was running around the in-field with the Suzuki "Stop Watchers". She couldn't even look as he came down Yamaha mountain. She turned around once he got to the top, waited a couple of seconds while he descended back down, and then looked again. After the moto, I couldn't help but say to her "You must be Travis' mom right?" She smiled like all proud mothers do and said, "Yes." Travis you should be ashamed to torture your mother like that on Mother's Day. Poor Mom!

Moto 2 was the Langston Brown show again.

250 Moto 1: Tortelli and Ferry! These guys capitalized on RC crashing big time. Ferry really charged after losing some time to Tortelli, passed and lead only to be passed for first. I would watch out for Ferry this season.

RC, as you know crashed in the first turn, got up in last and charged to seventh only to crash again and end up eighth. I overheard someone in the crowd say, "Carmichael really makes everyone in the class look bad (read slow) riding that fast." He is so much faster than everybody on the track it is unbelievable. He was passing other riders like they were lappers. Great ride RC!

After RC crashed in the first turn, he passed me while I was helping Palmer get his bike out of the fence (another story) and raised his hand in the air to Sean like what the f--k is going on here.

Palmer was caught in a second turn pile up and crashed into the fence, which knocked a bunch of people next to me down. His bike was stuck in the fence, so I helped him pull it out. Sean was holding his wrist in severe pain, like it was broken and couldn't even twist his brake lever back into place. I easily straightened his brake lever and told him to get his goggles on if he was gonna go back out, but he was done for the day. Too bad because the Honda "Stop Watcher" said his times in the qualifier would have been good for "top ten" in the motos.

Ryno looked really good too and lead for awhile, but faded towards the end. The CRF450 seemed pretty fast under his control.

I didn't stay for the second moto though. I had to beat the traffic.

Great day of racing.

dirt bike dave

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May 3, 2000
Cool report! That was a good read. Saw some of the results pages and the strength of both 125 and 250 fields was very impressive. There were some really fast guys that couldn't break into the top 20.


Apr 23, 2000
Net Broadcast:(

Did these guyes sleep the night before or just drink all day? They made fun of Baily? Why because he has some brains?Why make fun of Albee because he can see well. I hope ESPN can do better, half the spectators could do better :p
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