Pastrana Augers IN! Charmichael get pasted


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Nov 21, 2000
Pastrana Augers IN! Carmichael get passed

At Unadilla Travis won the first and was winning the second moto until he crashed. Grant Langston was the overall winner. Handed to him by a Pastrana Concussion. Bitter Sweet for the guy with a separated Shoulder. And the crack about Suzuki RM125's power made by MXA in the Glen Helen coverage obviously doesn't hold water. Travis was running away with both moto's and anyone who knows Unadilla understands its a power hog.

Tim Ferry passed RC for the first moto win. Tortelli passed RC in the second moto. I don't know who got the overall. :scream:

Think RC did.
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Mar 7, 2000
A little warning would have been nice before walking here.:think
Jul 12, 2000
How many concussions is that for TP this year? I heard that he may have been taken to the hospital because of dizziness after the race. Remeber a couple years ago when Lusk got two concussions in back to back races and MXA said he shouldn't be racing beacuse he was a danger to himself and the other riders because of it? Do you think they'll say the same about TP?

RC went 2/2 on the day for the overall. He said that he doesn't really like the Red Bud and Unadilla tracks all that much but from here on out he likes the rest of the tracks. He's up 39 points, which is more than at this time last year. The title is his to lose, I can't see that happening.


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I wonder about Travis's longevity.

Is Carmicheal slowing down a bit? Ferry caught and passed him and so did Tortelli. Tortelli went from last to somewhere around 5th in the first moto. The guy was the fastest rider on the track. Faster than RC. Will he be able to pressure RC as the season goes on?
May 27, 2000
My .02 about Pastrana's RM from Red Bud is that it's way down on HP against
the 250f's and the KTM's. If anyone got to see Fonseca jump Larocco's
Leap during practice and once during the race (with acceleration bumps) and
then watch Travis go off of the track practice to get a 25ft head start, jump
on the track pinned then come up short on the same jump (and push off
with a blown front wheel) you could see it. Around the other areas of the track, Langston could do a sand turn switch back section and let completely
off the gas in turns, all the while cutting faster section times than Pastrana
who took exactly the same lines pinned the whole time.

It may have been Red Bud that his RM was down on HP or not dialed in, but
Pastrana makes up for the defecit.


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Jan 9, 2000
I hope tort can really pressure Rc all season long as we dont want more MC type strings of titles as it gets boring.Its a shame our world champs dont transfer over to ANA nationals better.This could be down to many factors but the main one IMO is the national tracks are alot rougher as they arnt graded between motos like a GP track is.Some GP tracks are very fast and smooth at the start of the day-this is why i think out world champs so often come a cropper in the US.They are simply use to going very fast and use their natural skill when the bikes move around.On AMA tracks the bikes tend to cartwheel as a sign of things going wrong. :o im very impressed with Langston but i wonder what shape hes going to be in(injurys take there toll) when hes 25-he seems to want to win every title in his 1st year-no matter that hes hardly ridden any supercross/national tracks.

Aug 25, 2000
"I wonder about Travis's longevity"

You've got a point there. How many football players (great one's too) that have had to step down because of this. I hope this type of injury doesn't cut short his career but I also hope he's got the good sense to not permanently scrable his brain.


Feb 9, 2000
Anyone know the Championship standings, points and positions, should be quite close now !


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Apr 21, 2000
weimedog (or anyone else who might know)

Do you know what happened to Larry Ward in the 2nd 125 moto? I saw that he got 3rd in the first moto and 32nd in the second moto! There were quite a few fast guys in the 30's in the 2nd moto - was there a big first turn pile-up? Do you know if Ward is okay? Or maybe the 250F stalled out and wouldn't start??

Jul 12, 2000
nikki, at first I heard that Ward got pegged by a rock, but the last thing I heard is that he broke his wrist casing a jump. Hopefully we can find out some more definite news later.

Bundu, here's the points. Langston cut TP's lead in half.
250 Point Standings:

1. Ricky Carmichael - 299
2. Kevin Windham - 260
3. Sebastien Tortelli - 255
4. Tim Ferry - 252
5. Mike LaRocco - 238
6. David Vuillemin - 190
7. John Dowd - 189
8. Ryan Hughes - 169
9. Stephane Roncada - 165
10. Kyle Lewis - 130

125 Point Standing:

1. Travis Pastrana - 271
2. Grant Langston - 249
3. Mike Brown - 227
4. Larry Ward - 198
5. Ernesto Fonseca - 170
6. Brock Sellards - 168
7. Danny Smith - 139
8. Nate Ramsey - 133
9. Scott Sheak - 125
10. Kelly Smith - 118


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I guess Ward was hanging onto his arm in real pain when he pulled off the track. I hope he is OK.

Also heard that RC was fighting a stomach flu. That can be miserable! The show must go on in their business.

But I still can't believe how well Grant Langston is doing. A third degree dislocation should take longer to re-hab from. Either he's an animal or he wasn't hurt as bad as reported.

I think Travis is riding over his head. Real talent there...I hope my instincts are not correct but I worry for him. I fear he's going to crash out of this sport before he gets to mature and really take advantage of his natural talent. Hope I'm wrong as he is great for the sport.

It dawned on me that there are very few of those California guys in the top ten anymore. Why? The south east is well represented. Bunch of hard working guys getting the results...RC, Tim Ferry, Windham, Brown etc. Also Langston, LaRocco, Tortelli, Roncada, DOWD ....etc.
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Jun 24, 2001
I agree that Travis is riding over his head. The kid is just so awesome to watch, and such a talent, that it would be a real shame if he permenantly injured himself. Watching him swap all over the place on the downhills at Glen Helen was really frightening, and I can't figure if he's riding to compensate for lack of horsepower or the fact that he's just too big for a 125 to pull him. Maybe a little of both, but in any case, I hope he settles down.

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Apr 21, 2000
The Dilla Monster was raging!

No one had a clean ride at Unadilla. Every top rider got bit in one or both motos! Windham slide out in moto one on an off-camber uphill sweeper while leading or top 3 anyway. RC eat it in moto 2, LaRocket went down somewhere during the middle of moto 2; I saw him just barely motoring waround for at least 1 lap trying to get rid of the little birdies swirlin around his head. The track was changing every lap. Huge holes were forming in the landing areas; at the jump that TP cold-cocked hisself the riders were landing so hard into a G-Out that they were virtual slamiming to a halt before rocketing up the next jump. Truly incredable stuff! :o