Gorman Mx

Walt Hollis

Apr 8, 2002
The MX tracks at Gorman (Hungry Valley MX) are closing for about 10 days and will be re-opening under new management as I-5 MX.

Anyone have any details if any changes are planned? It seem that over the last few months things were going downhill. It is a great track but comes up a little short on the safety aspects (very few if any corner workers, all bikes and abilities on the same track at the same time, no on-site ambulance, etc.)

I love riding there but it always makes me nervous when I see injuries and it takes 30 minutes for an ambulance to get there.

Any scoop would be great.




Oct 16, 2000
I agree with you. I love that track but lately it hasn't been that great, especially the last time I went out there, about 2 months ago, the track had turns with no outside berm, and I damaged my rear wheel because of a few square edged bumps on the runways to some of the jumps. Lately the track design just hasn't been what it used to be, hopefully I-5 will do a great job, with a track that has TONS of potential.