Oct 25, 2003
Besides ebay are there any places that carry graphics kits and plastics for 97 RMs? I want new radiator shrouds because mine are purple (blech) and will need a new grapics kit as well.


I haven't done a search lately, but Acerbis.com should have some plastic for that bike. As for graphics, time slips away so I don't remember exactly how long ago this was, but there were plenty of graphics kits out there for these bikes not too long ago. I believe 96-98 are the same. Check out MXSouth (Link on left), bto motorsports, FMF, Factory Effex (sp?), NStyle, etc.


Feb 2, 2001
Yeah, 96-98 offer the same graffix kits. As for changing your purple shrouds out...you may want to decide which graffix kit you want first. I also wanted to change to yellow shrouds and then install a graffix kit on my 97 RM250, but the purple shrouds look a lot better with the graffix installed. My graffix are dark and the purple outside edge that is exposed gives it a solid look whereas if I had yellow you would see a yellow outline to everything which would make the shroud stick out more.

If you plan on covering them, I say keep the purple ones. I can post pics of my bike later if you want.


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