May 24, 2001
How do I decide what is the best handlebar position for me? In the stock position they feel fine, but what should I be looking for? The RFS has a few different positions to choose from. Should I just try them all?


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Oct 23, 2000
I have heard two different techniques for determining bar width and placement:

--To find correct bar width, do several pushups, shifting your hands each time until you find the right position. Measure the distance between your hands. This is the optimum bar width for most people.

--For bar angle/position, sit on the bike on a center stand, close your eyes, and reach for where you think the bars should be. open your eyes and look at your hands; loosen the mounts and keep closing your eyes and reaching until you are reaching the bars effortlessly. They should be comfortable in the attack position, both sitting and standing, and levers should also be where they best fit your hand.

I am still experimenting. There are 4 positions you can move the stock bars to, and I am on the next one further back from stock. (Be sure to red Loctite the mount bolts when you put it back together).


Nov 30, 2000
Here's my thoughts, although it may not be what your looking for. If the bars feel ok don't stress about where the tecnically correct position is. If they don't feel totally funny then let it ride. If I concentrate on things like this then my riding suffers due to constant fidgiting and uncomfortableness. Maybe I just adapt to things well. I rarely change things around as I can never get comfy again. Probably not what you were looking for, so go try the push-ups thing, that sounded pretty interesting! :confused:

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