Handlebar preference


I was going to try some new bars and was wondering what other riders my size have on thier rides.I'm 6' and 175 lbs.Also,is there a diference between Cr-Hi and Enduro Hi bars?Thanks.Porter.


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I like narrow bars for woods riding. The stock bars were cut down to about 30in, but the bend was bad for a stand up position (I'm about 5' 11" & 1/2). I called Jeff Fredette and he set me up with some TAG X5 mini bars (7049 T-6 aluminum). They are the "mini hi copper" type and the bend is approximately a CR-HI bend. The great thing was no cutting required. I just bolted on the bark busters and my tip to tip width is approximately 30.5 inches. The new bar bend , plus rotating the mounts to set the bars more forward have made a night and day difference in my comfort level when standing.


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I'm 6'1", so I like tall bars with very little sweep. I use the Jimmy Button bend, they are the tallest bars I could find. They make a huge difference in my comfort when standing, I no longer have to hunch over to reach the bars.


I love my bars!

I'm 6'0" and absolutely love my FMF 909-1722 (CR-Hi) bars. They are very durable and the bend is great!