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Oct 1, 2000
I have noticed that ever since the attack on the WTC last week, people have been acting a lot nicer. Where i like to ride, is a place thats sort of in the middle of a housing development with houses on both sides of the trail. If i go further up the trail there is a road i have to cross (i putt across at 2 m.p.h.) Usualy people give me dirty looks and will even make the occasional phone call to the police. This has not been happening in the past 4-5 days. I have even found people to have been greeting me. A guy was walking in an open part of the trail with his daughter and smiled as i slowed down and steared clear of them. I see people stopping in the road to let me scoot accross. Maybe these past events have shaken people, made them wake up and realize life is too short to go out of your way to spoil other peoples enjoyment? Im not sure what it is, but i hope it continues.

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