May 30, 2002
The DRZ125 has a real stiff clutch pull and my girlfriend was complaining of her left hand getting sore, and even falling asleep during long trail rides.
I tried the low tech Moose Easy clutch and noticeably reduced the clutch pull. Of course this wasn't trick looking so I got a Hebo hydraulic clutch kit.
To get the cable from the slave cylinder connected properly I had to use a clutch actuator arm from a DRZ/KLX400. The Hebo clutch did not reduce the clutch pull at all. It was actually equal to the stock clutch cable in pull effort. I also was unable to get enough travel on the slave cylinder to fully release the clutch so that it would not drag. I attribute this to the stiff clutch prings in the DRZ125L.
My opinion: go with low cost products like the Easy clutch, or MSR Raptor lever to reduce clutch pull. These products do work, though they are not as trick looking as a hydraulic unit.
the cool outcome of this is now I have a trick hydraulic clutch on my DRZ400. Fortunately The DRZ400 has an easy clutch pull to begin with.


Mi. Trail Riders
Oct 28, 2001
Bummer..... The Hebo kit is not exactly a cheap item to "try out". I'm considering a Hebo kit for my son's XR-100 to help ease the clutch pull. I'd hate to buy and install it, only to find out it didn't help any.

Any XR-100 installation experience out there?


Jul 28, 1999
Can't speak for the bikes in question, but here's the installion of the Hebo on my '03 KX250:

Hebo conversion

I rode with it for the first time today at a hare scramble in Missouri. The KX cable clutch pull isn't excessive but it was harder than my KTM and was causing a sore hand. In a highly technical course today, I didn't even notice my clutch hand at all. No arm pump. Buttery smooth. There were a couple of long runs through incredibly rocky creek beds (full of water) where it was constant clutching, and the Hebo was awesome. If you have the means, I'd highly recommend it.
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