Apr 23, 2007
Whats up everybody, I just bought a 04 Yamaha WR250F...

It is my first bike, i bought it from a dealer for 3500...it had about 140 miles on it, no rust anywhere, no visible signs of wear on the plastic or frame, and the exhaust pipe was not discolored at all still brand new looking! Anyways now it has about 195 miles on it after a full weekend of riding....

I have never had to do maintenance on a dirtbike and I want to change the oil and any other recommended maintenance so I know where the bike is at mechanically...I really just need some basics like what kind of motor oil to use, best spark plug to use, air filter maintenance, and any other filters I need to be changing....I would really appreciate any help you guys can give!

I have read the owners manual but I know how valuable information can be from people that ride a lot and have experience to share...

Thanks for any information you guys are willing to share..


Nov 27, 2006
well i dont know much about four strokes so i cant exactly help you there. but i am pretty sure you can find just about anything you need on here and if not ask about it.

and a little tip use the advanced search not the regular one you can find more accurate info using it

and congrats on the new bike and welcome to drn

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