Help a newbie please just a few questions


Feb 6, 2000
1. I believe bikes come from the factory with thread locking agent on the sprocket hardware so take that as you will. I'd use the loc-tite blue instead of the red. Blue won't be as difficult when removing the hardware next time.

2. From the way you describe it, Kinda sounds like your rotor is bent or warped. New rotor for your bike is about $115 (Braking brand).

3. Setting the chain adjusters on both sides of the swingarm to the same mark works ok but there's also a tool you can use that slips into the axle bolt. Either way, when doing mine, I put a small screwdriver betwwen 2 teeth on the sprocket and rotate the wheel back. This tightens the chain thereby pulling the wheel forward against the adjusters and holding it there while I tighten the axle bolt. Then remove the screwdriver.


Jun 14, 2000
Try this Motion-Pro tool

I use this tool if I'm trying to get the chain and sprocket aligned.

The fixed marks on the chain adjusters get you close but I think this is even better. Remember... a misaligned sprocket/chain will cause the combination to wear much more quickly.

You can see other tools at the (click=>) Motion-Pro web site.
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