HELP! I discovered a scratch on my piston rod!!!


Jul 12, 2000
When I disassembled the Showa twintube forks on my CR250 –97,
I felt a resistance moving the damper/piston rod connected to the
inner cartridge. First I tough that the rod was a little bit bent, but
then I discovered I tiny little scratch in the chrome in the middle
of the pistonrod.
The scratch is located around the rod, in the opposite direction of
the piston stroke, it’s 4mm long and approximately 0.1 mm deep,
You can hardly feel it whit your finger, but it’s still there and it’s
seems to get a little stuck in all the seals and bushings.
The cartridge doesn’t seem to leak or anything, but the resistance
striking the rod is rather noticeable in the middle of the stroke.

What should I do?

1. Just ignore it, assembly the fork and ride...
2. Try to smooth it out, take away some of the edge with a very
fine diamondstone and some polish
3. Buy a brand new damper/piston rod, aprox. 200$, minimum...
4. Looking for a complete used fork, price? I don’t know...

If I decide to ride on as nothing has ever happen (alternative one),
will the performance of the fork be noticeable worse?

Please help...


May 3, 2001
I would smooth the area out with sandpaper first and get any sharp edge off. I wouldn't do anything expensive unless you have probs after that.


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