Help needed with 400sx suspension quick!


Oct 23, 2000
Does anyone know for what weight rider the 2001 400sx comes sprung for? I have recently started trying to do some mx with my 13 year old after a long absense , I'm almost 48, and today I crashed hard on landing a double. Most other jumps the landings seem harsh too. I read that the shock on these bikes was the weakest link but there has to be something better than this. I like the bike otherwise and would like to stick with it. I way about 210 -215 with gear on. If anyone knows what I need to do to this bike to get it to work like a Yamaha or Honda on jumps I would really appreciate it before I kill myself. thanks


Dec 6, 2000
Put in new springs (.48) and run 2.5wt oil at the recomended height. MXA and others will tell you to run the oil height much lower then complain that it bottoms:think


Dec 31, 2000
400sx suspension

I think they are sprung for about 170 lbs. So you are definitely in need of a re-spring in the least. I go about 230, and can testify to the fact that the new springs will make a world of difference. Call Jer at MX Tech, and he will question you about your riding, etc. Then he will sell you the correct springs. His prices are good, and service is quick.

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