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I just hooked up with an old riding buddy that I haven't seen in three years.While we were reliving the old days he told me that he still had his bultaco's. Two 71 or 72 250 Palmeroy Specials and a 72 360 futura ( I'm pretty sure that's what they are called ).

So we are going to restore these and I would like to know if there is somebody on here or out there somewhere that has any leads on parts, info and such.

All three bike are 95% 0riginal, Bing was replaced with Mikuni and one of the 250's has a preston petty rear fender.

And none of them has been started in the last six years

Thanks in advance, this is going to be fun

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Find Hugh's Bultaco in New York...

They are about the best supply of Bultaco parts in the country. They have aftermarket companies building replica replacement parts like fenders and stuff. I'll dig out their email address and edit it into this post later.:)

I think the web site is simply:

The other contact data is:
Hughs Bultaco
682 Taghkanic Churchtown Rd, Craryville, NY 12521
Phone 518-851-7184 Fax 518-851-2533
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Thanks Weimedog, and I see by your list of bikes that it's a Frontera and not a Futura:o


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Hugh's is good. You can also reach them at I believe that Hugh owns the rights (in the USA) to the name Bultaco. He has some great pictures on his web site. Looks like he was friends with old man Bulto himself. I just ordered a Bultaco encyclopedia from Hugh.

I usually get my Bultaco stuff from Speed and Sport ( Matt Hilgenberg has always been helpful and friendly. Matt can get you anything you need for Bultacos and other brands.

There are other Bultaco suppliers. An internet search reveals a suprising number of parts sources as well as many interesting web sites.