Aug 20, 2007
I just put a new top end in my 82 rm80 took the cylinder to the shop had it bored, cleaned up in .010 over, new base gasket, new head gasket, wiseco piston and rings, letters/numbers on the rings were installed facing up, the piston was install with the arrow towards the front wheel, 18 ftlbs of torque.
The piston was fitted when bored aswell. Am I tripping or does it just need to brake in and seat correctly before this will stop smoking so bad? It is burning trans oil. Spark plug is wet.
The engine has been started and rode around the block a few times the compression is 125 this should go up we broken in? it feels like it has pretty good power, i have a 78 rm80 that still has better power than this one but it is not far off,i have not really hammered on the 82 yet because of the new top end. It smokes like I have mixed the fuel to rich but it is burning trans oil?
Can anyone help?
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