Jun 6, 2001
You may or may not remember giving me some advice on spring rates and clicker settings about a month ago. First of all let me say THANK YOU, the bike handles so much better now! The swaping was all but eliminated. You also gave me settings for a friend of mine who was equally impressed with the improvement. The only problem is now we both experience some headshake and neither of us had the problem before. It's not terrible. In fact, I will gladly deal with a little bit of headshake since the rest of the handling is so much better. However, if you have an idea as to how to reduce the headshake (aside from the obvious solution of sliding the forks in the triple clamps) I would like to hear it.

To refresh your memory: 250C rider, 150 lbs.
your suggested settings:
Fork: 0.41 springs
95 mm oil height
C-11 r-9
Shock: 4.6 spring
95mm sag
C-10 R-10 HSC-1

Thanks again!
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