Jun 3, 2002
Ok people, we have a member here that's trying to recoop from a serious head trama accident and is still in a coma and I know Cobrakid and his family would appreciate all the cards and letters that he can received from those members that knew him from the Texas Spodefest.

Chris Davis
PICU Room 11
Children's Mercy Hospital
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Chris's brain swelling has gone down, but he has 20 contusions on the brain and the bleeding has increased. The next window that he has to pass is 72 hours before selective surgery is required.

Please keep your prayers up.




Rick-I'll spread the word today via Email and get a card out from all of the KCRiders group. Keep us posted, both here and through Email.


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Jan 29, 2001
I do not know Cobrakid, but it is depressing when someone gets hurt this bad in our sport. I will send a card out to him this week. He has our thoughts and prayers. Lets hope for a speedy recovery.



Jun 3, 2002
Thanks Thump.

I know Chris considered you a very good friend and rider also. He would always tell me how impressed he was with you and your riding abilities.

I also know he was concerned when you got hurt and wished you the best for a speedy recovery.

The doctors have informed his parents that Chris will never be able to ride again as another head blow would be deadly. This is going to be the hardest thing for Chris to accept and I don't know at what point of time that they will be telling this to Chris as their main concern is his health.


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Feb 8, 2000
Oh my goodness! I had no idea cobrakid had been injured. When did this happend? What happened?
My thoughts will certainly be with him and his family.


Jun 3, 2002
Gospeedracer, please read my post on helmet protection if compromised can be deadly post. It will tell what happened.



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Nov 3, 2000
:( This one really hit me. My thoughts and prayers will be with him. A Card will be out this week for him. I hope he gets well soon.


Some encouraging news!

Did not see Rick's other thread on this. Sorry, it's been a busy day.:o

Got this Email from Rick this morning:

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Update on Cobrakid
I have been going to the hospital each day after work and finally beginning to see some improvements. Yesterday Chris woke up for a few minutes while his mom was talking to him and Chris tried to mummer that he loved his mom and the doctor and nurses have said that while Chris is coming and going out of his coma, when he is alert, he is able to response to the doctor's questions with a hand squeeze.

He is breathing on his own, but the respirator is on standby. No cat scans were required yesterday and its looks like no surgery is going to be needed since he passed his 72 hour test. Chris is still not out of the woods yet. He has developed pneumonia which was expected because of his long duration on his back.

Chris's room is starting to look like Travis Pastrani's headquarters. I have printed up pictures of Chris racing and riding with me and we have them plastered on the walls of his room. They are playing several Travis P. videos on the TV, several local dealerships have donated T-shirts with workers and mechanics signatures and other merchandise. I think this is really great that the local motorcycle shops that have sponsored motocross racers have donated something.

We are trying to get ahold of Travis P. along with several of our local track owners who have contacts with Travis to see if Travis would make a phone call or just send a card or letter telling Chris to get better soon and hoping for a full recovrey. Chris is a big fan of Travis's and that is why he wanted a RM250 to race with. Also while he would play Motocross Madness 2 online, his bike number would always be 199. Also I took Chris to the St. Louis Supercross in hoping he could get Travis's signature and to watch Travis race.

Thanks again for all your wishes, prayers, and concerns. I know Chris and his parents really appreciate all the input that you have made and somehow that appreciation will be expressed or returned

I would like to say a Special THANK YOU to Kirby and Connie from Summit Cycle. A beautiful basket of food was received from them.

All I can say now is God Bless everyone here on The KC Rider's Group

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Aug 10, 2001
GET well

HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON! my thoughts and prayers are with you,your family, and friends. i know you will pull through soon and be back on here with us where you belong. ==mark p.


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Aug 2, 2000
From Racerhead on RacerX:
Our thoughts and prayers also go out to 15-year-old Chris Davis and his family. Chris went down hard last week and is not in very good shape. We will keep you posted and hopefully have better news soon.
All my best to Cobrakid and his family.


Oct 9, 2000
Wow, I will definetly try to get something out to him although I do not know him. My Uncle is the head toxicoligist at that hospital and he used to run the childrens ER. Maybe I can get him to deliver a message to Chris? Can anyone post a link to the story? It would be appreceated. Thanks.


Jun 3, 2002
Lastest Update.

Chris will be released this Friday (Sept. 31) to go home and will continue several weeks of physical therapy.

Good luck Chris for a full recovery soon.


Dec 29, 2000

Man that sucks, I will diffently get a card out by friday at the latest...Man I would bawl for days if I couldn't ride anymore. :( Man this is extremely sad, I also saw that one RacerX's page, but didn't know what it means. Keep us posted on how he recovers..Good luck chris..Later.
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