Jun 3, 2002
I have been going to the hospital each day after work and finally beginning to see some improvements. Yesterday Chris woke up for a few minutes while his mom was talking to him and Chris tried to mummer that he loved his mom and the doctor and nurses have said that while Chris is coming and going out of his coma, when he is alert, he is able to response to the doctor's questions with a hand squeeze.

He is breathing on his own, but the respiratory is on standby. No cat scans were required yesterday and its looks like no surgery is going to be needed since he passed his 72 hour test. Chris is still not out of the woods yet. He has developed pneumonia which was expected because of his long duration on his back.

Chris's room is starting to look like Travis Pastrani's headquarters. I have printed up pictures of Chris racing and riding with me and we have them plastered on the walls of his room. They are playing several Travis P. videos on the TV, several local dealerships have donated T-shirts with workers and mechanics signatures. I think this is really great that the local motorcycle shops that have sponsored motocross racers have donated something.

We are trying to get ahold of Travis P. along with several of our local track owners who have contacts with Travis to see if Travis would make a phone call or just send a card or letter telling Chris to get better soon and hoping for a full recovrey. Chris is a big fan of Travis's and that is why he wanted a RM250 to race with. Also while he would play Motocross Madness 2 online, his bike number would always be 199. Also I took Chris to the St. Louis Supercross in hoping he could get Travis's signature and to watch Travis race.

Thanks again for all your wishes, prayers, and concerns. I know Chris and his parents really appreciate all the input that you have made and somehow that appreciation will be expressed or returned

God Bless everyone here on DRN.

Rick McDowell

Shin ichi

Feb 27, 2001
So glad to hear that he is showing improvement. Its terrible to hear of anyone getting hurt, riding or not. Give another best wishes to him and his family from just plain ol' someone who cares.

keep us informed.


A Great Idea:

One of the members of our KCRiders Egroup had a shirt made up with a picture of Chris racing. We are all going to sign it and pass it around at the MX race tonight in Kingsville, MO. This is one of the regular tracks that Chris races at. I thought this was a great idea. A special thanks to Perry for thinking of this wonderful gesture.:cool:

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