Jul 31, 2000
This weekend I rode my XR400 at Casey and for the first time was not able to restart it after I stalled it. I lost about 20 min on every lap and had to give up due to heat (I mean kick) exhaustion.
I run a pumper carb, no hot start button. It was about 100 degrees. Clean filter.
I have never needed a hot start button, but after last weekend I am seriously considering one. Would it make a difference?


Jul 5, 2000
I have a Terry Cable hot start kit on my 650r.
I droped this bike on the first lap at Casey Sunday, I was cought under the bike and it died on it's side, running, I got up, picked it up, flipped the button, kicked it 1 time and it started first kick.
If I did't have it on there it's hard to tell how many times I wouldv'e kicked, before I installed the hot start kit it would have kicked at least 30 times before the 650r fired up, that's more energy than I use in an entire lap.

Yes it makes a diference, Yes it saves ME energy and time and Yes it's worth it.



Sep 20, 2000
XR Wolf,

I've got a 01' XR 250. I had installed a custom made hot start circuit on my bike.

I found that it, had little affect on restarting a very hot and stalled, engine.

I tried using the hot start restart method that a friend had told me about.

Pull in the decompression lever, throttle wide open, kick through 2X - 3X.

Release lever, close throttle, kick.

My bike restarted 9/10 times using this method the rest of the day.


Jul 31, 2000
KevinB4, Thank you. I saw a guy on a XR650 on the ground, didn't realize it was you.
If I keep the bike (I was thinking about selling it), I am installing one. I was not tired from riding but from trying to start the bike on Sunday. I swore I wouldn't go through this again. It took me a good lap of putzing (is that a word??) around to catch my breath and as soon as I did, I stalled again:eek:

Jonala, I went through the "Ritual" - no dice. I have had this bike for over a year and never had any trouble until this one time. I really like my XR because it fits me well, so I think I am going to give the hot start switch a try.

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