How are the KTM 125 and 200 EXC's?


Sep 23, 2000
I am thinking about purchasing one of these great machines. Does anyone know of any bad years they had, or great years? Are they reliable? If you could give me any information on any of these bikes, your responses would be very appreciative.


Jun 27, 2001
I have a 00 200exc and it is great no problems, I heard that the motor is better in the 00 model rather than the 01 no real confirmation just seat of pants from someone that owned both. My buddy has a 01 and again no issues just a great bike.
Early 00's have a recall on a small issue in the forks but that is only thing I have heard, same on late 99's there is a date stamp on top of forks I think after 3-00 is mack.


Feb 24, 2001
from what people tell me they are good bikes, but i have never rode mine. i have 1994 which is in the process of being rebuilt. All i say is make sure you have a good- no great parts network if you buy a ktm older than 1998. and if you have interest in a 94 let me know, i'll hook yea up


Jul 15, 2001
KTM 200 EXC great bike

I just purchased a 98 200EXC (dealer holdover).I Love this bike, powerful and light. This bike does not like to cruise though.It turns, jumps, wheelies like a champ plus great low end for a 200. The suspension(rear) on the 98 is very stiff, but I read that this has gotten better on newer models.Oh the seat foam feels like it is made of wood, you can puerchase aftermarket foam that is softer. I shouldn't be sitting anyway.One thing though this bike likes to be ridden hard if you don't you won't like it, but if do you'll love it. I hope this helps I have been very happy with mine.


May 20, 2000
125 & 200 EXC's

I have a '99 125 EXC and '01 200 EXC, both are great bikes. The 125 has more low end power than any other stock 125 I've ridden and it still rips on the top end. It's a really fun motorcycle (I'm kind of a 125 addict!). Where I primarily ride is infested with roots & rocks, kind of technical riding and it does great. However, it works great in the desert & more open stuff as well. I ride every weekend and the stock top end on my 125 lasted 14 months, the clutch plates went two years - you won't get that with a Jap bike! I jumped to the 200 because I heard the new 125's are using the SX motor and they are now more difficult to ride in the woods; tuning them to work like a '98 or '99 is not possible with the new porting. I've also been riding more in the mountains and wanted something that pulls the big hills better, so the 200 was a good choice. The 125 & 200 are the same chassy, so they feel very similar. The 200 pulls harder and chugs better than the 125 and doesn't require you to ride as aggressively. It's nice having nearly as much power as a 250 without the weight. Since 1998 KTM reliability can't be beat, before that is a crap shoot. Either of these bikes is a good choice, just decide what kind of riding style you enjoy the most and go for it.

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