Mar 18, 2003
I have an 86 cr 500, to have it run, the idle screw has to be turned almost all the way out. It just had a fresh top end done yesterday, so im wondering, is the idle screw supossed to be turned out that far?? Or are my crank seals bad, and if so, how do i check for bad crank seal

john stu

Jan 7, 2002
hummm if the right seal was bad it would be burning trany oil and if the left side was bad you would most likly see oil under the ignition cover i belive there is also a check hole under the engine just for checking the crank seals there should be a small hole 1/8" maybe under the engine towards the front just under the exhaust where the engine goes horizontal if you see oil coming out of the holes the seals are bad.i hope this helps
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